Double Glazing Grant

Are you interested in double glazing grants in your area? Double glazing installation can be expensive, it is a job for a professional as double glazing needs to be installed correctly to prevent future problems. In today's economic climate it is difficult to fund double glazing, that is where a double glazing grant would be extreamly useful! By installing double glazing in your home through a double glazing grant you can cut heat loss through the windows by 50%. Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass ultimately creating a barrier of insulation which reduces heat loss, noise and condensation. The Home Energy Saving Programme helps homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient through various schemes - From double glazing grants, to loft and wall cavity insulation to draught proofing and much more. Double glazing grants are a fantastic idea as they help homeowners who are perhaps on certain benefits, or over a certain age who can not fund the full cost of a double glazing installation themselves. Consequesntly a double glazing grant would greatly benefit these people in making their homes more energy efficient. The Energy Savings Trust predict that a double glazing grant will save around £110 a year on your heating bill, it is definantly worth having a look into double glazing grants.

Double glazing does not only boost your energy conservation, promoting a greener way of living, it saves you money on your energy bills and adds value to your property! Have your windows double glazed for free under a double glazing grant and enjoy all the benefits accross the board.

As well as double glazing grants it may also be worth looking into window scrappage schemes you may have heard about in the press. The window scrappage scheme works on the basis of trading your old windows in for new double glazed windows, a government incentive to ensure all homes are energy efficient and up to the same basic standard of efficiency. Many local authorities operate their own double glazing grant incentive, therefore it is worth checking your local authority to see what double glazing grants are available in your area. You can also find out more about double glazing grants, window scrappage schemes and discounted double glazing installation by clicking on the links on this page.